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Affordable AUM Video Laryngoscope

Recent studies indicate that video laryngoscopy is the new gold standard for endotracheal intubation. However its widespread use is limited due to financial limitations. Our design patented Video Laryngoscope (VL) overcomes this limitation making our device affordable for all including trainees.

Our VL allows better glottic visualization, a higher success rate for difficult airways, and a faster learning curve. It also circumvents optimizing maneuvers like external manipulation of the larynx, change in head positioning etc., minimizing the trauma to the glottis.

The intubation can be recorded on your phone for future reference and for patient records.

The reusable VL designs utilizes waterproof, a high-resolution miniature video camera embedded into a stainless steel Macintosh blade.


  • Can be used comfortably and without any trauma even in paediatric age groups.
  • Lesser manipulations leading to lesser Patient stimulations.
  • Avoids eventful intubations.
  • Paediatric Diagnostic Scopy.
  • Useful in complicated traumatic cases where there is a bloody airway or severely distorted anatomy.
  • To avoid injury to the larynx during intubation.
  • Enables assisted placement of nasotracheal tubes.
  • Assisted a traumatic placement of nasogastric tubes.
  • Retrieval of foreign bodies impacted at the hypopharyngeal/cricopharyngeal level under direct vision.
  • In post surgical documentation for patients (MLS and Laryngeal surgeries).
  • Training Post Graduates to intubate under vision.
  • Useful for teaching residents, ICU personnel, Ambulance staff and Emergency Physicians.
  • Useful for teaching airway anatomy to Students and Paramedical staff.
  • During extubation in difficult intubations to assess the cords and arytenoids.
  • For documenting a traumatic intubation/extubation.
  • To document Laryngeal structure in prolonged intubation in ICU.
  • Value addition in skill labs.


• Affordable making it replace direct laryngoscopes.
• Good resolution.
• True color reproduction.
• Supports Macintosh, Miller & McCoy blades.
• Lightweight, Easy to handle. Rugged and durable.
• Can be used with less training.
• Android Cell phone interface.
• Easy fix magnetic mount.
• Adjustable Viewing Angle.
• No batteries required.
• Facility to record the image/video.
• Allows recorded pictures and videos to be transmitted in real time.
• The video display is a common standard android phone with software.
• The phone can be unplugged when not in use.
• Long lasting - built with medical grade Stainless steel.
• It can be easily sterilized and reused.
• Useful in Cormack Lehane Grades 1-4.
• In view of direct vision, trauma to arytenoids and other laryngeal structures are avoided. 



• Resolution - High.
• Illumination - Built in high power five white LEDs.
• Interface Type - Mini USB, Separate Adapter for USB-C.
• Camera adjustments - Automatic Brightness, Contrast.
• Power - From Phone.
• Water proof.

Supported Phones                                         

• Android 7 or higher - should have OTG. 


• Easy fixing.
• High power Magnet.
• Magnetic disc will be supplied.
• 3M backing gum for fixing it to the Phone cover / back.

Viewing Angle                                                  

• Adjustable up to 135 degrees.


• Wipe with alcohol or any disinfectant.

Carrying case & Accessories                    

• Soft Pouch or Hard carrying case.
• Hard plastic case with foam cut. UVC disinfection unit included. (Optional)
• Disinfectant carrying case.
• Duration of sterilization is 10 minutes.
• You can disinfect including phone.
• Powered from Cell phone charger.


VL Product AProduct BProduct C
MonitorAndroid - PhoneSeparateSeparateSeparate
PortabilityYes NoYesYes
DisposabilityReusable ReusableReusableDisposable
PriceAffordable > Rs 1 Lakh> Rs 1 Lakh> Rs 1 Lakh

Available Models

TypeVLS-Mc * VLS-My VLS-Mi
BladesMacintosh blades McCoy bladesMiller blades
Blades given1,2,3,4 3 or 4 user selectable0,1,2,3,4
HandleLong/Short Long / ShortLong / Short

Demo Video