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Mobile Room Sterilizer

Hospital acquired infection is increasing in India when compared to the Western World. Patients occupying rooms that previously housed infected patients have more than 70% increased risk of developing preventable infections transmitted by room surfaces since these micro-organisms persist for weeks to months on surfaces like bed rails, TV remote, door knobs, a button to call for help, etc.

Many studies have demonstrated that manual cleaning and disinfection with germicides alone is often inadequate with less than 60 per-cent of hospital room surfaces being adequately cleaned and disinfected. UV is a non-chemical germicidal light that kills microorganisms by disrupting its DNA and does not create superbugs. Our UV germicidal light is a tested technology that will lower the overall pathogenic load contributing complementing the current manual cleaning methods.

Studies have shown that E. Coli requires a dose 30Ws/m2, while the standard fungi like Aspergillus niger requires a dose of 1320 Ws/m2. Our UVC Bot delivers around 1500 Ws/m2 of lethal power which can disinfect the whole room in a single cycle ensuring thorough disinfection.


• Maximizes customer value since it is very affordable.

• Ensures thorough application of UVC to the entire room.

• Eliminates danger of under-dosing shadow areas.

• Shorter treatment times.

• Single-cycle treatments, no repositioning of unit.

• The use of multiple emitters reduces turnaround time.

• Less labour intensive to use.

• Access to areas, which are difficult to clean. 

Usage Sites

  • Patient rooms.
  • Operating rooms.
  • Oncology units.
  • Patient bathrooms.
  • Burn units.
  • Radiology.
  • Intensive care units.
  • Emergency rooms.

Unique Features


• Most affordable bot available in the market.  

Continuous Disinfection                             

• 20x20 ft room is disinfected in one sitting.

Long Lasting

The bulbs on our device will last up to 10,000 hours of usage time. Stainless steel body ensures the bot lasts much longer adding to the savings.

Unmatched UVC Output

• Features high-output UVC doses - 20 bulbs that rotate 180 providing maximal energy deliveries, minimizes shadow areas offering faster and more effective disinfection treatments.

Proprietary Technology                               

• Patent pending.

User- Friendly                                                  

• No significant special training required. Easily operated by anyone. No special room preparation required, as device is strategically placed inside treatment room. It has wheels and can easily be moved by one person.

Green Technology                                        

• No special lamp recycling required.
• No additional chemicals necessary.
• No waste is generated and deodorises the room.
• Patient and doctor can enter immediately post treatment.

Downloadable Data

• Available only in Higher End Models.
• Automatic document control helps reduce or eliminate human error during data collection.
• Wirelessly downloads acquired session data to a computer.
• Measures number of rooms and exposure time will be logged.
• Real time access of data through secured cloud storage. 



• Choke type - Electronic, Instant firing.
• Replacement - Very easy to replace by an electrician.
• Lamp Duration - 15 minutes per room. 40 rooms per day = 10 Hrs of every day operation. It will last for > 3 years.
• Lamp Reliability - Gold Plated connectors for UVC light for maximum reliability. Mil grade Teflon wire for all internal connections.

Safety Protection

• Remote / local Emergency stop.
• Automatic closure for lamp safety.
• 360° infrared motion sensor automatically shuts off if people enter the room during disinfection, prevents accidental human exposure.
• Each lamp is covered by a rotating stainless steel cover to protect the bulbs during movement from one room to another. Opened only during exposure.

Status Indication                                            

• Status - Blinking LED at front and back
• Changes Color from
White – Idle
Green – Started (delay period)
Red – UVC ON

Remote Operation

• Android Phone / Tablet interface
• Intelligent app to set all the equipment operating parameters. 


• Durable - Stainless steel surface for durability.
• Wheels - Noiseless Medical grade wheels with brake.
• Size - 900mm x 600mm x 1800 mm (3'x2'x6').
• Weight - 94 kgs sturdy design.
• Maneuverability - 4 independent wheels to access tight corners. 

Field Balance

• Patent pending technology reduces treatment time to maximum 15 minutes.
• Ensures that rooms of all sizes are thoroughly disinfected in the shortest amount of time.
• Rooms of size 20 feet by 20 feet is cleaned in one sitting.


UV Bot Product AProduct B
Exposure TimeMaximum 20 minutesMore than 30 minutes15-30 minutes
UVC Light ProductionContinuousPulsedContinuous
Bulb Cover Opens only when switched ON NoneNone
Placement Single MultipleSingle
ServiceEasy since manufactured in India Imported, service not assured or very costlyImported, service not assured or very costly
More than 50 Lakhs + Import Duty + TaxMore than 60 Lakhs + Import Duty + Tax




Demo Video

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